Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gaga MEATS Stardoll!

As I was casually browsing through the Starplaza earlier today, I noticed this little outfit in the NEW section...

*Click to enlarge*

Upon seeing this, I thought, am I the only one who creates a mental image of this...

*Click to enlarge*
 No? Good.

It seems as though Stardoll is finally pushing the boundries and giving us the option to buy clothing made out of animal flesh. Not bad, huh? I for one won't be buying the outfit, I think the skirt is an awkward length and wearing raw meat isn't really my thing. How about you?

Are you a fan of meaty material?
Will you be buying these pieces? 


  1. They look cheap the stardoll pieces... Nah, not a fan of the graphics s;

    Gaga was crazy when she did that though! Props xD

  2. Wow :O I thought those pieces were just more crxp that they were coming up with. Not the meat dress :O

  3. I thought it was from the Flintstones LOL


    Does it look like meat? Nah...

  5. Meat is made for eating not for fashion - and yum yum, or unless your lady gaga

    Nop, i don't really like it