Sunday, 8 May 2011

Last week's mini comp results! + New segmant!

Hello there gorgeous ones, two things I'm going to announce in this post, the first being our winner of last week's mini competition!

The task was to create a leather inspired outfit using chains and denim also. Without any further ado, let's announce the winner.


Your outfit was splendid, I loved it! You are the winner of 50 sparkly Stardollars, please contact me to receive your prize!

Click ~HERE~ to view xxImmiixx's wonderful outfit


Now, where were we? Oh yes, on to the second announcement! I loved seeing all of your amazing entries last week, so I thought, why not have a "MeDoll of the week" segmant? Every week, one MeDoll will be chosen as the MeDoll of the week and will take a prized spot on the sidebar of the blog AND a fabulous prize of 30SD, not bad, eh? More info on that soon! 

Have a great week you guys!
Stay fashionable.

You can now click the "Apply for "MeDoll of the week" " tab for more information on the competition.