Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Now, I'm pretty sure you're all know who the fashion goddess, role model, inspiration, classy blogger, hard working, all round amazing girl, also known as noelle_page is, if not, then boo you!

Noelle is one of Stardolls many legendary users. A member since mid-2007, Noelle never fails to get the MeDoll's hyped, whether it's by using her fashion skills or blogging powers.

Upon visiting Miss Page's Suite, I came across this beauty of an outfit;

If you ask me, Noelle used the Tangled hair perfectly. Her outfit shows minimal effort but a high rating of WOW factor. The way she has mixed bronzes and beiges to create an all round beach-y look is glorious!

Once a genius, always a genius.

Do you like Noelle's outfit?
What do you think?


  1. It is lovely and I think I want that headband :O

  2. Now she's inspired me to figure out how to use the Rapunzel hair! This is one gorgeous look.

  3. I think that's the most flawless medoll I've ever seen.