Monday, 26 March 2012

TWO much!

2012 is a big year for the world; Gay marriage is being legalized around the globe, one city at a time! The London 2012 Olympics take place in August, and the world could possibly be coming to a sudden end (that's if you believe in that "theory"). In the dull days of late March, Summer 2012 feels likes something we've been waiting for forever! And now, it's creeping up on us and we are ready to turn around, grab it by it's horns and take a wild ride through the fashion filled season!

Before Summer though, we must pull through the awkward is-it-hot-is-it-cold-should-I-wear-shorts-or-not stage of Spring. During this time, I bestow on you TWO brand new projects that have been working behind the scenes since late 2011.

Project #1

Ombre Collection 2012
(Modelled by -  ashley_doggett, FlaviaLucini, freeduck___, LuxeHolly., MeanGirlz and DollSpace L-R) 

After spending hours doing next to nothing on Stardoll, I often find myself scrolling through the "top designs" section, and during my recent scrolling I discovered a few users were using this ombre style method when making cute mini dresses. So, I decided to give it a shot and this is the result! There are 6 separate dresses, all priced at 13SD (or 130SD) each. You may place an order in my Guestbook (click here if you wish to do so) and I will happily reserve you any piece you wish in your choice of currency.

Project #2

Since late last year, I've had my mind set on creating a Stardoll magazine, and now I am finally on the move! L'ENFER Magazine is a project put together and created entirely by me. I took the time to teach myself how to design graphics (hence why my graphics look hideously unprofessional), but like with all things, I hope to improve with time and patience. This spoiler was my first ever graphic and I am somewhat proud of it, considering the lack of skill and experience I have. It features the lovely Chace.Clark and shows the opening date of my first issue, which is on the 1st of April 2012 (that's this Sunday, OMG), so if you wish to be one of the first to view the first issue, I will possibly host a tinychat.

That's all I have on at the moment, unless something else enters my already cluttered mind in the next few days.

Which Ombre Collection dress is your favourite?

Any thoughts on these two projects?


P.S; Who likes the new layout?

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