Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm pretty sure everyone on Stardoll has their personal favourite items, the ones they cherish oh so dearly and find it difficult to drag off their dolls. I like to call these items, our "essentials". It is essential that we wear them.

Mine, for example, are as follows;

They are
  • Fallen Angel High Heel Ankle Boots w/ Studs
  • Fallen Angel Cross Necklace
  • Sunny Bunny Dolly Lola Hair
I adore these items with all my heart. The way the boots add an edge to any outfit and the amazing effect when you stack them up. The way the cross necklace brings a meaningful, religious, darkness to any outfit. The way the wig gives any hairstyle that high fashion edge with a straight cut fringe. I just love them all!

But tell me, what are your essentials? 
What few items can you just not bare without and why? 

The most interesting answer will win 50 Stardollars.

P.S: Please post an image of your essentials so I know what they look like!


  1. Sequined Heels from Bisou.
    Odette at Eden Skirt from Young Hollywood.
    Sequined Tunic from Jordache.
    Coquelicot Maxi Dress from Amy Claire.
    HB Purse from Bisou (Brown).
    LioJu ShineBlack Purse from LioJu.
    Bag Inspired by Chloe from I love France.
    My essentials.


    Go to the picture :) I made a little graphical of them so you would know the items im talking about.

    Gold Chains
    Agyness Hat
    Midnight Black Heels
    Relaxed James Blazor

    I honestly Couldn't live without those 4 they are my favorite items in my suite and they work with just about every outfit and they all can work together.

  3. I got the idea from Seasonalhotbuys.
    I try to make my items look like they were in a closet. I used paint, so it made it harder to make the items look like they were in a closet.

    I usually use one or more of these items on tons and tons of outfits. I just love these items so much!!

    Great idea! And amazing graphic! :)