Friday, 29 April 2011

Zoe pulls a RiRi!

Stardoll's sweetheart socialite, Zoe_COUTURE has followed in the footsteps of our favourite raunchy popstar, Rihanna, by switching to a tanned skin, redhead overnight!

She shows us in her Presentation how she is a "GOOD GIRL GONE BAD"

RAWR! (Click to enlarge)

Miss.Brooke is looking fierce as hell in her sassy see through dress, sharp red hair and crimson pout. I applaud her for ditching her picture perfect look for something more edgy and risque.

Is this saucy look here to stay? Well, when I asked Zoe via Stardoll mail, here is what she had to say...

"Temporary. I've always wanted red hair on my MeDoll so I had to change my look to make it work, skin tone and all that. But sweet, innocent Zoë will be back soon or maybe a totally new Zoë.. who knows aha ;)"

Do you like Zoe's new look?
Are you sporting the new red hair?

Drop us a comment, you might be featured!


  1. I love the new sexy zoe! She looks great!

  2. I have been waiting for red hair since I've been on Stardoll... not quite a year now. Yes, I have been sporting it, even if not quite at the moment. I bought all 3 shades, and the earlier strawberry color.

  3. Aw She Looks Fab. Totally Loving Red Hair.

  4. Well, She wanted a new look I KNOW she could had been a lot more original then this?.. . . Just about everyone on stardoll is using the Generic brand of Doree that they renamed too Pepe Red.

  5. Uhm, well I do miss the classic elegant Zoe, but I guess this new change is quite exciting for a person of her persona and character.

    I am excited to see what she will wear next and her make-up choices :D

  6. this new sexy zoe is a huge change but i think she needed one ! personly i love her new look ! it makes her look feirce with a hint of devil lol x